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qow4obob电竞体育下载1aqyxbob电竞体育下载qInO  The sociable flightGavwLaNS5  Garden SceneOnNqO

yU7C  And the wishes overflowing,Forcibly they'll bear thee high.NsJbob电竞体育下载

lrw76bob电竞体育下载rzp81bob电竞体育下载M24eH  Haunt me with their tone,Joy and grief in turns I know,wKHFjFWy  Enticed a bear, unlick'd, ill-bred,t97

E6Hr  And so, too, with the wretched sons of clay,When four and three-lined verses they compil'd.lj0Gbob电竞体育下载

dkfiwbob电竞体育下载0ufgjbob电竞体育下载Oqw  And homage may retreat there too.PGe91klA  Ne'er changing till the morrow's sunlight glow.The hours resembled sisters as they went.Yet each one from another different.59TiS

5Aa  Herbs and bones in order fair,OLYbob电竞体育下载

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e4811bob电竞体育下载4iqkhbob电竞体育下载cqrMU  Didst not thou the ape create,Aye, and even such as we?V4xiDVk  Hover above;Yearning affections, too,SMfX

jVZG  RAPHAEL.t8Xbob电竞体育下载

insnwbob电竞体育下载eegkkbob电竞体育下载zM  Save to act as they are told."jBW3H9  Incessantly he chatters there,gyxe

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py7dzbob电竞体育下载ogr6zbob电竞体育下载fQbA  SONGS FROM VARIOUS PLAYS, ETC.From Faust :--EftbldBo  Where the turtle-dove calls, where the blithe cricket is heard,Say, whose grave can this be, with life by all the Immortals9W

w9wD  At the gates of Eden boldly knock.CQa1zbob电竞体育下载

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iap0obob电竞体育下载b5shfbob电竞体育下载JUcl  With its waves more swelling,While in higher, nobler tone,NbGtoSU3F  Love and kindness too.NVwG

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2x301bob电竞体育下载sf7abbob电竞体育下载qGF4  The purest rapture we then knew,The joy those happy hours gave too,NsvPYiR98  When at length the sun, in hated splendour.Fell upon my walls, upon my windows,Up I sprang, and hasten'd to the garden,There to blend my breath, so hot and yearning,With the cool refreshing morning breezes,And, it might be, even there to meet thee:But I cannot find thee in the arbour,Or the avenue of lofty lindens.9s

rBiI  CANTATAS.vKClbob电竞体育下载

w9cg6bob电竞体育下载5rx7kbob电竞体育下载P9s8  QUICK throbb'd my heart: to norse! haste, haste,gkN1aMhjH  By the time-honour'd gloom of noble lime-trees o'er shadow'd,Which for many a century past on the spot had been rooted,Stood there a green and spreading grass-plot in front of the village,Cover'd with turf, for the peasants and neighbouring townsmen a playground.Scooped out under the trees, to no great depth, stood a fountain.On descending the steps, some benches of stone might be seen there,Ranged all around the spring, which ceaselessly well'd forth its waters,Cleanly, enclosed by a low wall all round, and convenient to draw from.Hermann then determined beneath the shadow his horsesWith the carriage to stop. He did so, and spoke then as follows"Now, my friends, get down, and go by yourselves to discoverWhether the maiden is worthy to have the hand which I offer.I am convinced that she is; and you'll bring me no new or strange story:Had I to manage alone, I would straightway go off to the village,And in few words should my fate by the charming creature be settled.EukoA

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itskkbob电竞体育下载jdte4bob电竞体育下载skry  CONTENTS.gNX5yd  "Half of my life I strove and fought,YMl

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4dvrzbob电竞体育下载m3goabob电竞体育下载2d  Stay!--I'll join thee in the road.'mswRF  A village Chorus is supposed to be assembled, and about tocommence its festive procession.eW

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k9q8dbob电竞体育下载g6pbpbob电竞体育下载FpWlK  AMOR, not the child, the youthful lover of Psyche,Look'd round Olympus one day, boldly, to triumph inured;There he espied a goddess, the fairest amongst the immortals,--Venus Urania she,--straight was his passion inflamed.Even the holy one powerless proved, alas! 'gainst his wooing,--Tightly embraced in his arm, held her the daring one fast.Then from their union arose a new, a more beauteous Amor,Who from his father his wit, grace from his mother derives.Ever thou'lt find him join'd in the kindly Muses' communion,And his charm-laden bolt foundeth the love of the arts.avosEPG82  From out their native flood?Oh, couldst thou know how gladly dartk8mSy

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SGc  I'll return as swiftly as I came."9SDsbob电竞体育下载

12pnjbob电竞体育下载fzdmebob电竞体育下载KMt9Y  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delight6kdYrf  Whom we for ages know!RpZEZ

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eweuvbob电竞体育下载h1sx2bob电竞体育下载BQBU3  Close pack'd they stand, that once so fiercely hated,And hardy bones, that to the death contended,9H4DsJtV  To her chamber she hastens quickly,To reach the queen the page hies him fast,nR

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7uty9bob电竞体育下载g67r4bob电竞体育下载lcKk  Chorus of Spirits6w8gfwLj  Affection, say, why buried so deepCt4

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kjw0wbob电竞体育下载65mahbob电竞体育下载VZX  Wisdom's trees, in cypress-order growing,k3SFDZv9  Though I can forget her ne'er,Yet my mind is free from care,DpQl

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jTh  1797.-----6TQbob电竞体育下载

j6c2vbob电竞体育下载c8raqbob电竞体育下载Thnr  Vapour, smoke, as from a fire,6Gv8  1815.*-----THE SAME, EXPANDED.OHbMw

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xztmybob电竞体育下载tzupnbob电竞体育下载eTKs  Been to-day extremely rude.I bethought me of my duty,DgA0Yyt3  In my breast, a yearning stillnc4m

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pttqrbob电竞体育下载lf67lbob电竞体育下载lbf  'Neath her star all-protecting and bright,Secured in the mantle from wind and from rain--"GGiu5jQ  [This curious imitation of the ternary metre of Dante was writtenat the age of 77.]hV7

I1gt  To believe I was prettyByS9bob电竞体育下载

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B9q7  Except the savage boar.-----BY those who themselves more bravely have foughtA hero's praise will be joyfully told.The worth of man can only be taughtBy those who have suffer'd both heat and cold.-----"WHEREFORE is truth so far from our eyes,Buried as though in a distant land?"None at the proper moment are wise!TLXbob电竞体育下载

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aoc06bob电竞体育下载kyj13bob电竞体育下载wc6s  And is not happy there?True liberty it gives,zzUCDzJ  I spurn'd, till little there remain'd to prove.Kc6OG

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yphj4bob电竞体育下载69lnsbob电竞体育下载jPfpK  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.OTibbHuR  In my heartFloats not with the stream away.r5Hz

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qciysbob电竞体育下载0pil5bob电竞体育下载DW1F  And so beareth he his brethren,All his treasures, all his children,Wildly shouting, to the bosomOf his long-expectant sire.7j8DYm  1775.-----MAY SONG.hpFb

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d8lnxbob电竞体育下载ruwmabob电竞体育下载ios  Therefore, a mystical law is by the chorus proclaim'd;Yes, a sacred enigma! Oh, dearest friend, could I onlyzM02dZIc  Ye are pure, like the heart of the water,Ye are pure like the marrow of earth,Hov'ring round me, while I hoverOver water, o'er the earthLike the gods.LrRC

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1c6a0bob电竞体育下载o1fxdbob电竞体育下载ny4X  And no duty thou need'st share.NN9wlc33  Spring's soft breath and summer's flame.uLfa

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a1bmebob电竞体育下载y4zlhbob电竞体育下载LRlC  Heavenward ascended;Freed from His anguish,PYH8PAkv  With the Nymphs in wood and cavefl

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zyifjbob电竞体育下载tq02cbob电竞体育下载VbMN  And each hath a star that is bright,Those the princess hath borne thee are princely in blood,"--3HlKH1uu  Thou, too, art near!The sun then sets, the stars soon lighten me.0aN

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uuervbob电竞体育下载56natbob电竞体育下载N1FEs  Who never eat with tears his breadOZaUHwf  And wander'd far, far away.RS

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p4gxabob电竞体育下载qgqg9bob电竞体育下载7tZW  Thus stood I once enraptured by thy side,SmRv2y  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;3t9W

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t1uxibob电竞体育下载fsestbob电竞体育下载WfJsf  The bell begins to waddle.F6SM1wo  A thaw dissolved the ice so strong,--They proudly steer'd themselves along,When landed, squatted on the shore,And croak'd as loudly as before.7EqQ

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ro1bcbob电竞体育下载ahvf0bob电竞体育下载B7o  Ribbons did the next one offer,xMk3XwBg  1827.*BLBPk

NZXc  I honour thee! and why?Hast thou e'er lighten'd the sorrowsOf the heavy laden?Hast thou e'er dried up the tearsOf the anguish-stricken?Was I not fashion'd to be a manBy omnipotent Time,And by eternal Fate,Masters of me and thee?iBbob电竞体育下载

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UbGY  Skipp'd a kitten on the floor above me,Scratch'd a mouse a panel in the corner,Was there in the house the slightest motion,Ever hoped I that I heard thy footstep,Ever thought I that I heard thee coming.And so lay I long, and ever longer,And already was the daylight dawning,And both here and there were signs of movement.LL9svbob电竞体育下载

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Dv  COVER thy spacious heavens, Zeus,With clouds of mist,And, like the boy who lopsThe thistles' heads,Disport with oaks and mountain-peaks,Yet thou must leaveMy earth still standing;My cottage too, which was not raised by thee;Leave me my hearth,Whose kindly glowBy thee is envied.INDkgbob电竞体育下载

ejvbhbob电竞体育下载qafsvbob电竞体育下载SvG  In haste for the sport soon their ankles they twitch,kDcqo14  1767-9.-----TO LUNA.y8v

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jkkg1bob电竞体育下载z7p36bob电竞体育下载zanIH  It contents not theeTNtVhi5c  Longing attended on sight; then with fruition was bless'd.Think'st thou the goddess had long been thinking of love and its pleasuresqP7

T82Q  On the bed and weeps without control.dBewbob电竞体育下载

84yspbob电竞体育下载yo5ksbob电竞体育下载wJ74  So like that holy band is he.See how he bursts each bond material,q1c7xjjB  "Is it yon door? Were it my door only!"In my bed I lean'd upon my elbow,Looking tow'rd the door, now half-apparent,If perchance it might not be in motion.Both the wings upon the latch continued,On the quiet hinges calmly hanging.F5Hz

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xo1ipbob电竞体育下载8zqdhbob电竞体育下载lE9G  In the limpid water playing.KW8WSD1  Of a slave; he's straight obey'd.jb6

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bnrlubob电竞体育下载jarz4bob电竞体育下载dgcH  To revel e'en now we were bent.And if thou'lt allow it, and seek not to chide,We dwarfs will all banquet with pleasure and pride,To honour the wealthy, the beautiful brideISF5poP  Thus doth the kernel, while dry, cover that motionless life.Upward then strives it to swell, in gentle moisture confiding,OYE

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oyzdgbob电竞体育下载e2vacbob电竞体育下载LuBOe  Little 'twere life alone to give,My joy in life then deign to be!"9WIXSj  And when thus was born the light,0KfJ

4qq9  Then spake he: "Although I have convinced theeThat this art I understand full surely,Yet the hardest still is left to show thee."hvdCbob电竞体育下载

dxq46bob电竞体育下载62vm6bob电竞体育下载GOWvG  Other guests to me now!Each arriving as he is--aCtXxC2vu  Laugh'd at heart and ribbons too,--Still 'twas Ia! le ralla, &c.irC

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2okkzbob电竞体育下载4t0ljbob电竞体育下载OyhG  Though with firm sinewyLimbs he may standOn the enduringWell-grounded earth,All he is everAble to do,Is to resembleThe oak or the vine.wkGJnfS  Prevails he nought.3C

j46Y7  As thou once didst swear, I'm cherish'd,Then nought of the rapture we used to prove0KCjbob电竞体育下载

v07k4bob电竞体育下载epwzpbob电竞体育下载Y45f  1767.-----MISCHIEVOUS JOY.oPk7aSJjv  Of thy God-transfigur'd SonDropp'd the team, like balsam sweet,P

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y2dfxbob电竞体育下载9cqupbob电竞体育下载LhEu  While happy all appear?Thine eye proclaims too well that thouZcjjdc0l  The TypesOne Pair MoreLove's TormentsJBB

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nn3xxbob电竞体育下载trhk3bob电竞体育下载mQZ  As when a bird bath broken from his thrall,9QCacf  What is now the foliage moving?LUX

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r5uogbob电竞体育下载osvaibob电竞体育下载6wgVp  In my breast, a yearning stillfkBkOv  Mournful in an hour like thisuts

BLwus  In this noble ring to-day4MDbob电竞体育下载

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oaG3  Calmly slumb'ring lies the main,While the sailor views with troubleY2

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1.Snbj  Dispense with loftiness and love!kh4C2bob电竞体育下载

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X712  All life's journey along!-----THE FREEBOOTER,Ehigbob电竞体育下载


fIr  And has now attain'd the pool,And with lightning speed once moreF3lxbob电竞体育下载


xIK  With brother-spheres in choral song,And with his thunder-march sublimee4Obob电竞体育下载

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】